Prostate Cancer Trial

Stanford University School of Medicine

Prostate Cancer Patients

You are welcome to join this ongoing clinical trial at Stanford University. For more information, please contact us.

Other Cancer Patients?

Tality meal plan is open to all cancer patients willing to try it for four weeks at no cost

Filtricine is sponsoring a clinical study at Stanford University School of Medicine in prostate cancer patients. The trial is designed to investigate whether it is feasible and safe to consume Tality as the sole source of nutrition to manage cancer. Tality is intended to replace a person’s every meal for four weeks. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) will be measured as a secondary marker to follow the effects of TND on tumor growth. The Tality menu is a meal plan of 21 different foods. Each food item is nutritionally equivalent and lacks the amino acids that fuel the tumor. The patient can choose their meal plan from the menu. Patients eat normally with no calorie restriction.

Positive Early Clinical Results

The Stanford investigators presented the results of the initial ten patients at the 2021 Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat. The researchers stated in the poster: “so far, we can conclude from the first ten participants that Tality is tolerable for the study period of 28 days, can preferentially reduce non-essential amino acids, and may reduce PSA for patients with high baseline PSA values.”

Some highlights from the trial:

  • Tality meal replacement plan is safe. Most patients could eat Tality solely for 28 days.  Some patients requested to extend use of Tality with one patient using it for more than 8 months.

  • While the study was designed to test Tality’s tolerability and adherence, the researchers found “three participants experienced decreases in PSA; one participant experienced 32% decrease from baseline level of 107.9.” This suggests that Tality may have an effect on their tumors.

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