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Prostate Cancer Patients

Please check our clinical trial at Stanford University

All Other Cancer Patients
You can apply to try Tality below

Filtricine is offering the Tality meal replacement plan free of charge to all cancer patients on a volunteer basis for four weeks. When a patient is in this study, simple medical tests will be performed to monitor the patient’s health status and the effect of Tality on treating cancer. In many cases, the tests will be a normal part of their cancer care program. If not, the cost will be covered by Filtricine.

Tality meal plan is open to all cancer patients willing to try it for four weeks at no cost

How to volunteer to try Tality
  • Submit the application provided below

  • The Filtricine clinical team will reach out for an initial patient meeting

  • Discuss your decision to use Tality with your doctor

  • Sign an informed consent form

  • Our team will ship a Tality meal kit according to the patient's preferences

  • The patient will use Tality as the sole source of nutrition for 28 days

  • At the end of 28 days, progress will be assessed. The patient will be given the option to continue the Tality program


Application to Try Tality

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The program is provided at no cost to the patient.
All information will be held in strictest confidence consistent with HIPAA regulations.
The goal for the patient is to complete a 28 day course of Tality, but the patient is able to stop the program at any time.
We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to developing novel food products for disease control.
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