Tality for Cancer Care

Tality is a revolutionary food product under clinical investigation for the treatment of cancer.

A New Paradigm for Cancer Care

Tality is a revolutionary food produt under clinical investigation for cancer care. Initial clinical study results at Stanford University show that Tality is complete and safe as the sole source of nutrition for cancer patients and that it may provide benefits for patients In four weeks.

Benefits of Tality


Cut the Fuel Cancer Cells
Need to Survive

Tality is a form of Targeted Nutrients Deprivation (TND) discovered by our founders at Stanford University School of Medicine. Cancer cells need multiple non-essential amino acids to survive. Non-essential amino acids are found in most foods we eat. Filtricine created nutritionally complete foods without those non-essential amino acids. Tality feeds your healthy cells while starving cancer cells.

Use Tality in Cancer Care

Tality is a drug-free way to treat cancer. It can be added to your current cancer care regimen. Tality gives you the chance to strengthen your body and take control of your cancer. Tality is used at home, saving you from additional doctor’s visits. Tality should be used in consultation with your doctor.

Crafted by Nutritionists & Chefs

Tality foods are formulated with the expertise of nutritionists and chefs. Tality is available in 21 different flavors and forms, including shakes, soups, and nutrition bars. We have dessert and fruit-flavored shakes, flavorful soups, sweet and savory bars. Tality is gluten-free, lactose-free, and dairy-free. Many of the products are vegan.

Complete & Balanced Nutrition

Tality removes multiple non-essential amino acids, while providing all nutrients required for complete and balanced nutrition -- all essential amino acids, carbohydrates, plant oil, dietary fibers, and 24 vitamins and minerals. All nutrients are provided to meet recommended daily allowance (RDA) as specified by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Tality for Cancer Care

Tality is simple to use. Tality soups, shakes and bars are all you need to eat every day for four weeks. Tality is intended as a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed without other food. This is not a calorie-restricted diet.

We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to developing novel food products for disease control.
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