Filtricine was developed for cancer patients who want effective, safe, and long-lasting treatment—without the use of drugs.

By precisely depriving cancer cells of their essential nutrients, Filtricine eliminates cancer cells alone—allowing the body’s metabolism to carry on without the harmful side effects of more traditional cancer treatments.



Above: Blood Cancer without Filtricine Treatment


Above: Blood Cancer with Filtricine Treatment


Above: Lung Cancer without Filtricine Treatment


Above: Lung Cancer with Filtricine Treatment


Filtricine, Inc. is an IndieBio-backed venture based in San Francisco, California

Our founders are scientists and colleagues from the Stanford University School of Medicine. Sharing the same passion and scientific vision across complimentary areas of expertise: biotech, pharmacology, chemistry, and business, Filtricine is a diverse team of science pioneers creating change as an early-stage start up.


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