Targeted Nutrients Deprivation

A Scientific Breakthrough

Cut the Fuel Cancer Cells Need to Survive

Targeted Nutrients Deprivation (TND) is a scientific breakthrough developed by our founders while at Stanford University. Cancer cell metabolism is extensively modified to support heightened consumption of nutrients allowing uncontrolled growth. Cancer cells find this fuel in the form of non-essential amino acids (NEAAs) in our bloodstream. These NEAAs come from the food we eat.

Laboratory experiments showed that cutting off these NEAAs killed cancer cells, while non-cancerous cells showed healthy growth.  Animal studies showed that TND diet alone deprived of these NEAAs is safe and effective in a wide range of cancers.  TND diet enhanced the efficacy of tumor suppression by both chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

TND by the Tality meal plan is unprecedented and the first medical food program of its kind. It is designed to cut off fuel to cancer cells when consumed as the sole source of nutrition, while providing adequate nutrition support to normal cells. It may be administered alone or in combination with the patient’s normal standard of care. Tality is currently being investigated in clinical studies at Stanford University School of Medicine.  Early results indicate Tality is safe and can provide benefits for patients in four weeks.

Technologies for the Future

Filtricine is developing a powerful add-on technology: modified dialysis.  Dialysis is routinely used for patients with kidney disease to remove harmful chemicals that build up in the bloodstream.  We have modified dialysis to selectively deplete the nutrients required by cancer cells.  Combined with the Tality diet, modified dialysis could enhance TND to become faster and more efficient.  Our hope is that the diet/dialysis combination will effectively rid the body of cancer cells.

Scientific Presentations

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2021 Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat
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Amino Acid Metabolism as a Therapeutic Target in Cancer
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