Clinical Results Presented at PCF Retreat

Dr. Grace Xiaolu Yang
November 6, 2021

Clinical study results presented at the 2021 Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat

Filtricine is pleased to announce that researchers leading a Filtricine-sponsored prostate cancer clinical study at Stanford University School of Medicine presented results from the first 10 participants at the 2021 Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat.

The poster presented featured early results from “A Feasibility Study to Deplete Non-Essential Amino Acids in Patients with Prostate Cancer,” which used Tality, the medical food program developed by Filtricine for the dietary management of cancer. All 10 participants are instructed to use Tality as their sole nutritional intake for 28 days. The poster stated the researchers’ conclusion: “so far, we can conclude from the first ten participants that Tality is tolerable for the study period of 28 days, can preferentially reduce non-essential amino acids, and may reduce PSA for patients with high baseline PSA values.” PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is a biomarker of prostate cancer. The poster also stated that, while the study was designed to test Tality’s tolerability and adherence, “three participants experienced decrease in PSA; one participant experienced 32% decrease from baseline level of 107.9.”

The principal investigators of the study are Randall S. Stafford, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine and the Director of the Program on Prevention Outcomes and Practices, and Alice C. Fan, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology) at Stanford University School of Medicine.

The Stanford investigators presented these results at the 2021 Annual Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat:

link to the poster on PCF website; download the poster in pdf

Researchers are seeking additional participants for this prostate cancer clinical study:

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